Client Feedback

"We contacted Rhian after our 20-month-old daughter started waking more and more throughout the night.

Rhian starts by phoning you for a free chat to get a feel for your situation and to offer you some initial advice. During this conversation, Rhian made me feel completely at ease and instantly gave me the support and confidence I'd been lacking when trying to tackle my daughter's sleep problem on my own.

If you choose to then go ahead and work with Rhian, you fill out a more detailed form about your child and she creates a really detailed plan to help you tackle the problems you are experiencing.

Rhian was extremely supportive and if we hit any problems along the way, she was at the end of the phone ready to help out. Rhian is professional and it is clear that all of her advice is based on a detailed knowledge of infant sleep.

Thank you, Rhian for your help and support."

Sian, North Wales

"There are not enough words to describe Rhian's personal commitment, support, faith and constant encouragement in our efforts to help our son sleep better. When we first contacted Rested Mama, our 10 month old son was waking as many as 12 times per night breastfeeding himself back to sleep, was taking very short naps during the day and most in his stroller. He was cranky after every nap, very tired in the morning, and refused solids. Our bedtime was a struggle every single night. One night he was crying inconsolably. He was so tired he just wanted to sleep and he didn't know how. We couldn't help him anymore. None of the usual sleep crutches worked. We were so tired, we couldn't enjoy our baby but most importantly we didn't know how to help him get the proper sleep he so much needed. That was when we reached out to Rhian at Rested Mama. Rhian started working immediately on our son's sleep plan taking into full account his temperament and sleep habits. Within days of putting the plan in effect our baby started sleeping in his crib for both naps and bedtime and slept for longer stretches every single night. We used to dread bedtime and now we were looking forward to it. It was one of the most happy and relaxing hours of the day. My son who until recently slept only if he was breastfed or rocked was now sleeping in his crib happy and was putting himself back to sleep at night. I couldn't believe it. During our efforts to get our son and our family the rest we so much needed, Rhian was there throughout the whole process by phone or instant message to offer her unconditional support, constant encouragement, experienced advice and adapt the plan to our baby's needs. Rhian did not only help our son sleep better she helped our family regain our lost confidence and spirit. If your baby or toddler is waking multiple times at night or bedtime is a constant battle and you want to use gentle and proven methods to assist her to sleep please look no further. Rested Mama will make your family's sleep their priority. Rhian deeply cares and dedicates her time to help your baby sleep better. We can't thank her enough and recommend her services to all sleep deprived families who want to feel rested again!"

Renata, Athens

“I was going to work some days with as little as 20 minutes sleep - my kids played a good game of tag team. My husband works away a lot so I was doing it on my own.  When I got in contact with Rhian, I was signed off work as I was so tired with lack of sleep.  The advice that Rhian gave was easy to understand and put into practice.  My 4-year-old now sleeps through every night and my youngest only wakes up once in the night and is quick to re-settle. I am back in work!  I can’t thank Rhian enough; she has helped make my home a happy place once again.”

Seren, Mid Wales

"On my initial call with Rhian we discussed my 18 month old daughter, and how her sleep struggles were affecting her well-being, and that of the whole family. Rhian really listened, and offered bespoke advice based on Emilia’s individual personality. We decided to go for the sleep coaching package, and it’s honestly one of the best decisions we’ve made. Emilia has gone from multiple night time wakings, with multiple night time milk feeds, needing to come in to my bed & waking up to start the day at 5am, to sleeping right through from bedtime until 6-7am. She is so much happier, her behaviour has improved dramatically and she’s eating better. As a family, we feel rested and able to enjoy each other. We only wish we would’ve got in contact with Rhian sooner! Thank you Rhian!"

Daniela, London

"Robbie was sleeping with me (my partner had to move into the spare room!) It was lovely to begin with but it soon turned into a nightmare. His bedtime was all over the place and I had to go to bed with him because he would wake the moment I left the room. From 4 months he started waking every 45mins (sometimes every 20mins) and he wanted to be fed back to sleep every time he woke. His naps were all over the place and I never knew when he was going to sleep. At 7 months I was shattered, I would be woken anything from 5-20 times a night! In desperation one night (at around 2am) I posted on fb about my lack of sleep and a friend suggested Rested Mama. I got in touch with Rhian and we had a 15min consultation. I decided straight away that I wanted to take her on as our sleep coach but my partner took a bit more convincing (he’d been getting sleep in the spare room so wasn’t really aware of the desperation I felt!) Things very much changed for him when we went away for a few nights in a caravan and he saw first hand what I’d been going through. As soon as we got back we got in touch with Rested Mama and asked her to help us. We completed a detailed questionnaire and Rhian compiled a personalised plan for us to follow with Robbie. It was hard work, he didn’t like not being in bed with me and missed being nursed to sleep but he learned quickly to self soothe and finally started linking sleep cycles together. He now sleeps through the night most nights and his day time naps are really structured too. We more or less know exactly when he’s going to sleep in the day and that he’ll sleep most of the night. The support form Rested Mama has been amazing... I asked sooooo many questions every day and it was never too much trouble for Rhian to answer with encouragement and support. I would, without a doubt caved in if I didn’t have the accountability to a coach! Thank you Rested Mama for all your help!! We’re getting so much more sleep and my partner and I are sharing a bed again."

Clare, Worcestershire

"This is our daughter putting her star on her reward chart for the sleeping in her own bed for 2 whole weeks now, this is week 3 and we are amazed!  Edi was up 7-8 times in the night at first, then Little Mummy & Big Mummy became exhausted so we would open the quilt and Edi would get in with us so we would all sleep.

My eldest started big girl school (4 years old) and Edi started to wake Liv so we knew we needed some help.

Even after one telephone conversation with Rested Mama we felt we had the support and encouragement we needed.  Rhian you are fantastic and very talented, a fresh set of eyes has really helped this little family.

We are on week 3 and she’s stayed in her own bed, Liv has stopped the tears at the school door and mummies are finally feeling normal, so thank you!"

Staci, Cheshire

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