Phone Consultations

30 minutes - £27.50

Ideal for helping you with things like optimising naps, early waking or bedtime refusal.

Book by emailing me at 

60 minutes - £52.50

We'll put a plan in place to improve sleep by looking at many aspects.  Ideal for resolving multiple night wakings.

Book by emailing me at 

1:1 Support Package

4 weeks - £325

If you need more support and more take away information than a stand alone phone consultation can provide, this 1:1 support package is for you.  Basically it's like having me in your back pocket, and includes:

- detailed online assessment

- phone consultation

- bespoke written sleep plan

- unlimited calls and emails for 4 weeks

- electronic information pack

- lifetime membership of my closed Facebook support group

Book by emailing me at, or to discuss further let's chat on 07530015704.

Corporate Package

We offer employers the opportunity to both learn more about the challenges of sleep deprivation and help parents/guardians of children up to age 6, who are suffering from sleep deprivation.  Our package includes:

  • The importance of sleep 45-minute presentation (for all staff, unlimited numbers).  Staff will learn the impact of not getting enough sleep, and receive expert advice on how to improve sleep.

  • 1-hour workshop for parents (up to 20 people).  Parents will learn about the science of sleep, what’s normal, the main reasons for poor infant sleep, plus an overview of gentle, responsive, and evidence-based methods.

  • Sleep transformation package (4 employees).  Parents who are experiencing a sleep crisis will complete an online assessment (prior to visit), receive a bespoke written sleep plan (during a 30-minute consultation with sleep expert on day of visit), benefit from unlimited support for the following 4 weeks by phone and email, and gain membership of closed Facebook support group.

Getting staff sleeping better can improve employee health and well-being, increase staff satisfaction, retention and productivity.  Improved sleep can also increase right-first-time rates, decrease accident rates, and will subsequently provide a cost saving.

To find out more email, or phone 07530015704.