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Hi, I'm Rhian, a Mum of two from Wrexham, North Wales.  I'm on a mission to help children and their parents get the sleep they need, and am able to help parents worldwide through the medium of English or Welsh.
Whilst on my second maternity leave I found myself seriously sleep deprived - a baby that would only sleep on me, and a four year old creeping into our bed each night.  Long days of parenting the boys after a broken night's sleep equalled a short tempered Mama - I was not being the parent I wanted to be.  When our baby reached 6 months we decided to take control, and did some sleep training for them both.  This resulted in a much happier baby, a more well-behaved 4 year old, and a happier Mum and Dad who were able to share the same bed once more, and enjoy quality time together in the evenings.  We had our life back!
I was inspired to help others get their life back too, so completed training provided by The Sleep Nanny to allow me to offer sleep consultancy for parents of children aged 6 months through to 6 years old.  The methods I use are gentle, loving and responsive.  
Baby is fed to sleep and will only settle in your bed?  I can help.  Toddler will only sleep on you?  I can help.  Baby wakes every hour through the night?  I can help.  Three year old refuses to go to bed?  I can help.  
Did you know that solving sleep issues can eliminate post-natal depression?  Did you know that naughty children can actually be little angels when they've had the sleep they need?  I can help you get your life back, and help you be the parent you want to be.  


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