Meet Rhian

Being a Mum has changed you as a person.  You can’t remember now what life was like before this miraculous piece of you was in the world, and your heart is fit to burst with love for them.  You hate the idea of leaving them alone to cry to get them to sleep better.


You have a dreamy vision of happy bedtime routines, and a full night’s sleep, but you have absolutely no idea how to get there.

You’ve tried taking the advice of well-meaning friends and family, you’ve spent hours googling solutions, but nothing is working and you’re overwhelmed.

I completely get it, I’ve been there myself!

Hi there! I’m Rhian!

I’m Sleep Coach Rested Mama, and I help exhausted parents get more rest by helping their children sleep using gentle, responsive, and evidence-based methods.  I mean, which parent doesn’t want more sleep?!

When I’m not helping families sleep better, you’ll find me on a family day out with my husband and two young train-mad sons – we love exploring the countryside and family attractions together.


When I’m not busy being Mum, you’ll find me relaxing at home in North Wales, cup of coffee in hand (or sometimes wine!), enjoying a good book, watching mindless TV, or listening to music that I grew up with.



So how did I become a Sleep Coach?

Whilst on my second maternity leave, I found myself seriously sleep-deprived - a baby that would only sleep on me, and a four-year-old creeping into our bed each night. Long days of parenting the boys after a broken night's sleep equalled a short-tempered Mama - I was not being the parent I wanted to be.

Making some changes to my boys’ sleep totally turned my life around – my boys were happier as they were getting the rest they needed, me and my husband could share a bed again, I wasn’t dreading the night times, and I felt like my old self during the day.

I was inspired to help others get their life back too, so trained as a Holistic Sleep Coach (training provided by Babyem and Lyndsey Hookway), ditched my career in the Pharmaceutical industry, and here I am!  

Are you ready to get your family’s sleep sorted once and for all?

Feeling exhausted because your little one is up countless times each night?

I’ve put together a free “More Sleep” checklist for you to go through alongside a video which is packed full of information and tips.