Did you know…

That inadequate sleep costs the UK economy around £40 billion a year?  For businesses, this can mean increased cost for sick pay and the expense of finding temporary workers, as well as a reduction in employee productivity. 

Sleep deprivation increases anger, frustration, irritability, and can cause depression and anxiety.  Individuals like their job less when they’re sleep deprived, contribute less, generate fewer and less accurate solutions to work-relevant problems they’re challenged with, and have a slower completion rate of basic tasks.  What’s more, lack of sleep lowers alertness and impairs judgement, leading to more accidents and mistakes.


You can support your staff

Here's how I can help:

  • Sleep education webinars helping employees understand the importance of sleep, and how to get more of it

  • Webinars for parents helping them understand infant sleep and how to optimise it

  • Training which can act as a permanent resource in your onboarding portfolio 

  • One-to-one coaching with parents who are experiencing a sleep crisis

  • A check-in service with parents about to return from Maternity leave

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